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APrIGF 2018 Experience!

                             Figure 1: Dr. Vint Serf Serving as Key Note Speaker at APrIGf 2018

This was my 2nd time attending APrIGF in person as fellow at Port Vila, Vanuatu from 13-16th August 2018. There was a capacity building day for fellows and Youth fellows for introducing them about the importance of last mile connectivity, capacity building of internet users to for more trusted internet space, the security of Internet users, DNSSEC, IP routing, and various internet operations work which APINIC and ICANN are doing. I see active participations of local Vanuatu community since capacity building day and there were many comments and concerns raised e.g. Childers today have more access to internet as compared to their parents and there is need to do capacity building for parents to help them being secure, fair use of Internet and to remain up to date about technology development.  Representative Vanuatu CERT was also briefing about their newly established CERT. The main conference started with the Keynotes of Prime minister of Vanuatu. The pacific IGF and Youth version of IGF were also started in parallel to APrIGF 2018 main conference.

The five different sub themes wear as following:
Digital Economy & Emerging Technologies
Online Privacy & Protection
Access and Empowerment
Diversity & Multi-Stakeholder Participation in Internet Governance

As, I was returning fellow so I was assigned 5 newcomer fellows from Online privacy and protection sub theme to serve as buddy for them and supervise them in their learning and help them in understanding the overall goal of the APrIGF 2018 conference. There were total 23 different workshop revolving around there five (5) sub theme. I was also a speaker for Cross-border Data & Contents Regulation in Asia Pacific Region together with Miss. Ying from Taiwan, Miss Yeusel from Korea and Mr. RamKrishna from India.

                                         Figure 2: My Picture with Dr. Vint Cerf

We initiated the discussion about the importance of user’s online privacy, data protection and especially when the e-commerce sites operating in cross border. And there were audience concerns about strong compliance and regulatory framework about the IoT security, data integrity and users privacy on online social media platforms. Some also think s the Blockchain and other technological solution must be explored to support the goal of online privacy and security. There were other session’s mainly talking about human rights in digital age and online privacy and protection. The speaker highlights the history of data protection legislation. Pakistan first drafted the digital rights and privacy legislation and there is latest (2018) version of it being out for public comments these days. Seekers advocated that in some scenario it is reasonable to allow IT services to give access to identity (email) but not necessary all. E.g. in cinema you don’t need to provide email in feedback form but in hotel booking you do need for contact purposes.  The speaker also highlights the need of data quality principals, usability principles, openness principals, individual participation principals, accountability, principals. They discussed the OECD legislation framework (revised 2013) and comprised of implementation accountability. GDPR was also discussed and seeker think GRPR differ with OECD in privacy by design, demonstrate compliance, and transparency. They key points on GRPR are accountability and governance, easy and clear consent, transparency. Right to forgotten was also discussed together with right to object and automation individual profiling is an issue. 

Then audience were served with key information where they can go and look for privacy related legislation and its mainly the constitution and other relevant acts and regional laws which are  available in every country in some shape. The speaker also highlights what to look for while surfing and it the privacy related clauses in relevant law document. Facebook  representation speak about their latest features for better user privacy handing and invited the audience to have a look over them and reiterate that Facebook is willing to go extra mile to comply with policies and provide privacy preserving features. The private data downloading option is also added to Facebook platform so that individual n download their data. The core point of privacy was discussed. First is privacy of individual with state, second is individual with business, and third is privacy of individual with individual. They close the talk with the emphasized on valance between cyber security and human rights. There were two questions from Vanuatu Police and law enforcements so as to how APNIC can help them in solving the fake account? And need of educational and awareness about the law and regulation among pacific people as also highlighted. 

The closing ceremony held on 16th with the summaries of each sub theme presented by fellows itself. The thing to highlight is that the Vanuatu is not considered a rich or resourceful  country but they have put hard work to make the logistics of the events and the people also are very nice and I can’t forget the a Vanuatu some and Smile the Vanuatu people have in their face. Thank to Vanuatu for serving as local host. Thanks you APrIGF Secretariat, APNIC, ISOC and other stakeholder for selecting us for this fellowship program 2018. I hope I will keep contributing the future APrIGF conferences.


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